What is a Torn Retina?

In order to understand what a torn retina is, it is important to know more about this part of the eye and how it works. The retina is a layer of light sensitive tissue found in the eye. This tool is just as important as other parts of the eye to maintain eye sight. The pupil takes in light which the lens focuses on the retain. The retina creates an image which is then sent to the brain and can be processed. It is amazing to think that each step of the process happens fast enough for us to see the world as we do.  The problem is, the system within the eye is not flawless and sometimes a problem like a torn retina can occur.

The Torn Retina

Age is an unstoppable process that changes our bodies in many ways. As we grow older, the vitreous (a clear gel like substance found between the retina and the lens) will start to pull away. This is not abnormal and can often happen without any problem. On occasion, the vitreous will not easily pull away and can actually bend the retina. The pressure can lead to a torn retina. If the retina pulls away completely, then it becomes a detached retina.

Correcting a Torn Retina

Detached and torn retinas will most likely be treated with a surgical procedure. There is always some risk when having surgery performed, but for the most part these procedures are successful.  The patient undergoes local anesthesia before surgery begins. Healing takes time, and when correcting a torn retina this can mean months. Vision will gradually improve and in some cases, may return to nearly perfect while others may not see as positive results.

A detached or torn retina is a very serious medical problem that should be treated right away, even if it means a visit to the emergency room. Untreated, the individual can lose eye sight completely and further damage can be done to the eye.